Welcome to this healing space. Are you ready to have a transformed relationship with yourself, others, and to life itself? And come alive, stepping into your authentic power?
It is then my pleasure to warmly invite you into this self-mastery portal.

  • Frozen, indecisive, confused, anxious, frustrated, or isolated?
  • Stuck, or overwhelmed, when trying to create what you desire?
  • That you are repeating the same patterns, whether in relationships, health, or in any area of your life?
  • Unable to handle the intensity of emotions that come up?
  • Unable to identify what beliefs are keeping you from moving forward?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have experienced internal resistances! Scroll below to know more about resistances!


  • Resistances are opposing forces within ourselves, that are formed, to handle stressful situations faced in our lives, and in our childhood.
  • It is very important to create resolution with these opposing parts of ourselves. For, they can release us from years of repeating unhealthy scenarios, negative belief systems, and free us from stagnation.
  • Therefore address your resistances consciously, to co-create your life of highest desire.



We are all connected by a simple, yet complex consciousness of life itself. Where the need to multiply and live together as a social species exits dominantly. Hence, anything that threatened our early ways of survival in a group, like having authentic thought differences, meant abandonment.


That is why as humans we often seek social approval, rather than disapproval. Even at the cost of our own sovereignty. Especially in childhood, where predominantly almost all our needs are dependent on the approval of the people around us.


Hence, as children we learned to reject, deny, suppress, and even make enemy of the authentic parts within ourselves that are in opposition with approval.


Therefore, in our work together, we will be re-connecting with these parts of ourselves that were pushed away, as well as the parts that were created for survival, and approval. To create repair, and harmony within yourself.


This is the KEY in establishing a Strong, Safe, and Trustworthy Relationship with yourself, and others. It also allows you to co-create what you desire without any resistances, moving forward.


So, if you’re ready to resolve your conflicts within, then looking forward to meeting you soon!


Personal Sessions


  • Personal sessions are 50 to 60 mins long.
  • Personal sessions are catered specifically for you to address an issue or an area of your life.
  • It can take multiple sessions to address the different aspects within, so participation is requested regularly to check in and see the bigger changes overall.

Group Sessions

  • Group Sessions are 60 mins to 90 mins depending on the group process.
  • Group sessions entail looking at one collective resistance together that the group commonly faces.
  • The resistance can be brought up consciously by the group, or the facilitator will channel the dominant collective resistance that needs resolution.
  • Recommended for people who wish to have group support in resolving their individual resistances.
  • It is also for groups that wish to improve their dynamics together in business, relationships, sport, or in any area together.
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About Keerthana

Hey there! My name is Keerthana, and I warmly welcome you again! I am an intuitive, extra sensory perceptive facilitator. I have been highly sensitive all my life and came into my sovereign purpose after a massive shadow process awakening in my early teenage years. Where, to survive through some heavy traumas, I started getting in contact, and using the support of the non-physical realms regularly. This eventually led me to master channeling, to get in contact with non-physical beings, and receive guidance to navigate through tough times. Later, I came across Teal Swan’s spiritual work, that taught me about emotional health, and inner parts work. This inspired me to try it on myself, and others, with the help of my extra sensory abilities. I came across massive transformations that happened due to this work. In my life, and with everyone who engaged in it. So now, my main vision became to spread this experience to heal through the power of transformation, to alleviate suffering. That is, through integrating your shadows, and inner resistances! I essentially function as a facilitator that journeys with you, through your inner subconscious layers, or landscapes. I also alternatively facilitate, and function as an expressive mirror, who directly channels your suppressed parts, by giving them a voice. I am committed to assist you in finding your sovereign empowerment through radical self-compassion, without bypassing any steps. If you’re ready to walk this brave path of self-love, I hope to meet you on your sovereign journey soon! And so it is.


Here is what people say about Keerthana

Keerthana allowed me to get in contact with inner resistances, particularly those which were disconnected from me and unconscious for years. This opened completely new perspectives and gave me lots of clarity on what was going on in my life. It is an incredibly effective way to learn, and bring unconscious parts into consciousness. Also, to exactly learn why resistances are here and what we can do about it. Keerthana works extremely carefully, and therefore she is (definitely) for this kind of work. The work one would call “shadow-work”. She is by far the most talented person I have met in my life.

Philippe ComunettiMarketing Executive - Switzerland

Through the work with Keerthana, I was able to come in contact with many aspects of myself, and got to know myself better. I discovered that the important aspects were typically parts of me that I have ignored, disowned and rejected. Unconsciously this was creating a lot of discomfort in my body, and took away life energy. Keerthana offered a very safe space which allowed me to explore, learn from these parts, and hear what they needed. As a result of being able to literally hear these parts of me, I got the opportunity to make peace with some aspects of myself, and integrate them more into my life without judging them. As a result, I now feel more self love, and more compassion towards myself.If I wanted to describe this work with Keerthana in one sentence I would say: Bringing up into the light what was in the shadow before.
Thank you Keerthana for your pronounced alertness and your very loving, and authentic support!

Anna NueshSocial Worker - Switzerland

Keerthana has an extraordinary sense for emotions, and perceives a lot of things in the metaphysical realm. Her intuitive sense is outstanding, and with the skills that she has right now, she can probably help each, and everyone who is open for it. When I was in one of her healing sessions, I was in a state of heightened awareness, and perception, that I have never experienced before! Every single session helped me fundamentally on my healing journey. One memorable experience for me was to have her embody parts of myself, and getting to speak to them. Thankfully due to that, I got in touch with a lot of my subconscious patterns and traumas, and I could have conversations that otherwise I could not have. Also, throughout the time I spent with her, she displayed her intuitive skills on a regular basis, including intuitive channeling, embodying, and perceiving on a level I can only dream of. I have never met anyone as sensitive, intuitive, and precise in the field of energy healing, and channeling as her. I highly recommend experiencing her in whatever way suitable for you!

Luca MigliorettoNational Athlete, Teacher - Switzerland

It was my first time engaging in such an experience, of channeling, and facing parts of myself. Keerthana put me at ease from the very beginning. For she explained to me in a very fluid, and simple way what will be going on. We determined quite rapidly what parts of me needed to be contactacted, and then we began. It was very surprising, because I really felt that I had a part of myself in front of me with whom I could discuss, understand, and reflect. It was sometimes confronting because the part said things I usually don’t really want to see or expose, to myself. However, I didn’t feel like stopping, and it was ok for me. When I think of it now, Iam very impressed that Keerthana nearly disappeared, and was really channeling this part of me. Meanwhile I was reassured because she told me, and I knew that she was still there. I also felt reassured in knowing that the process could stop at any moment if I wished to. It has unfolded parts of myself that are still here now, and I feel I am still processing. I feel stronger and more completely myself, which is quite exciting!
So thank you very much Keerthana! I can feel this is really her true place, when she is doing this, and is already contributing a lot. I definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking to work with their inner resistance.

Nathalie BouzouEducation Coordinator - France

Keerthana, being a highly sensitive person with extrasensory perception, has the ability to channel our Higher Self, our personal energy household. She can also detect blocks in our mental and emotional bodies, even in physical body parts.
I was absolutely amazed at the way she can grasp these energies and impersonate them. For instance, if you have an issue with your eyes, she will concentrate on the matter, and within seconds she personifies the energy causing the problem. She then becomes that energy, and interacts with the person as that, asking, explaining why it is happening. Thus helping the subject to become conscious of the origin of the problem. She then gives healing tips, or tips on how to integrate/ dissipate energies that have been either neglected or abused. Absolutely amazing!
Her communication skills are phenomenal. In my experience with her, Keerthana proved a striking ease in detangling complexity. She brings light into darkness by being totally present with the subject being treated, and by using simple words, and short sentences, which are absolutely precise for the moment.

Gabrièle ComunettiAirline Services, Life Coach - Switzerland

Keerthana’s approach had quite an impact on my emotional and mental body. She was able to mirror some aspects of myself I’d rather not see but were very helpful in my personal development journey. She has an extraordinary way of presenting truth which is confrontational but satisfying. I highly recommend her if you want shadow aspects to be revealed.

Sofie DelameillureTherapist - Belgium

It was a great joy working with Keerthana.
She has an innate gift to sense and embody the side of me that I thought I had to suppress to function well in this world. To me she seems incredibly sensitive, intelligent and highly gifted and I warmly recommend her work for anyone who is interested in soul retrieval and reclaiming one‘s unconscious parts.

Gabriella MeloneSinger, Feldenkrais Teacher - Germany

Keerthana’s intuitive work courageously gives voice to the unknown and hidden parts within yourself.
She supports you to see and speak with what otherwise would only operate in the dark.

Marcus RoverVision Quest Leader, Coach - Germany

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